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Oversize, Overweight and Right up our Alley

Oversize, Overweight and Right up our Alley The ICAT Logistics DTW team recently put a particularly large package onto a truck traveling from Detroit to Norfolk, Virginia where it was loaded by crane onto a flat rack and then onto a ship to begin the 10,300 nautical mile trip through the Panama Canal and ultimately to Shanghai, China.  Our team called it “The Beast to the East.” How big was it? The package was 30 feet long, 8.5 feet wide and 10 feet high.  It weighed 42 tons.  Certainly large, but not in a class of its own from ICAT’s perspective. “We’ve shipped about 10 of these for this client,” said Monica Saladin, Ocean Manager at ICAT Logistics DTW. One machine that was slightly smaller was sent to India last month, for example.  “There’s a great deal of coordination and planning required.  And we’re really good at that,” Saladin said. To ensure the safe and timely movement of an oversize, overweight shipment like this one, Saladin described a series of steps that are followed, beginning with what can…

No Need for Big Headaches with Oversize Shipments

No Need for Big Headaches with Oversize Shipments An oversize freight load doesn’t have to cause oversize problems – as long as you have the right shipping partner. That was good news for a Michigan manufacturer whose experience shipping four-ton dynamometers to international ports had been so poorly handled by a previous shipping company, the freight was arriving in parcels and on different ships.   That caused confusion, missed deadlines and unhappy customers. “There is a lot of detailed logistical planning that goes into shipments like these,” says Monica Saladin, Ocean Manager at ICAT Logistics DTW.  “You have to do your homework and you have to have a strong network of capable suppliers all over the world.  I think that is why we earned the business. “Complex shipping challenges are one of our specialties.” Dynamometers, which are used to measure the force, torque and power on engines — come in all sizes.  In this case, the largest part of each unit is too massive for even the largest standard container and needs…

Once Again, ICAT Logistics DTW Passes the Test

Once Again, ICAT Logistics DTW Passes the Test A multiple choice question: Q. How do you move a 10-ton, 63-foot long piece of machinery from Argentina to Mexico that’s too big to fit in most planes? A. Very carefully. B. By taking it apart, shipping it, and reassembling at its destination. C. By having ICAT personnel in both Buenos Aires, Argentina and San Luis Potosi, Mexico locations to ensure a smooth operation and keep the customer apprised of progress. D. All of the above. If you selected (D), congratulations! Your company and ours, ICAT Logistics DTW, are a good fit for working together on your freight forwarding needs. This particular challenge was presented to us by a global Tier One automotive supplier, which needed a specialized laser moved from Argentina to Mexico in less than two weeks. The problem, they said, was that “this machine is too large to fit in any air craft other than the Antonov” – the biggest cargo airplane in the world. Our creative solution required de-installation, rigging, trucking, crating air…

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