Global supply chain managers outsourcing production, parts and supplies should be sure to include shipping in their calculations before deciding between onshore, nearshore or offshore resources.

“The decision on where to source has a significant impact on the bottom line,” says Chris Cser, Director International at ICAT Logistics Detroit. “In the current cost-and time-competitive business climate, supply chain managers need to consider not only the cost of labor and regulation, but shipping risks, complexity and convenience.

“Knowing when to keep the work at home (onshoring), when to send it to a nearby market in the region (nearshoring), or when to rely on overseas suppliers (offshoring) can make all the difference in cost and delivery times.”

There’s more to consider than location, says Cser. And that’s where ICAT Logistics comes in.

ICAT has broad shipping experience and a vast network of partners in domestic, nearshore and offshore locations. It knows your ability to serve your clients seamlessly and remain profitable depends on timely, cost-effective, safe, customer-focused freight shipments.

“The ICAT team will help you work through costs and benefits of shipping no matter which sourcing alternative you choose. That is just one element of the value we add as your logistics and freight shipping partner,” Cser said..

Relying on ICAT’s decades of experience will go a long way in helping you shape your strategy and determine:

  • What are the local laws and customs requirements?
  • Will the infrastructure be adequate to support your supply chain needs?
  • Can you expect high quality and customer service in a new market?
  • How will your costs be impacted?
  • Is the market politically volatile?
  • How will the documentation requirements effect the complexity of each shipment?

“Let ICAT Logistics Detroit help you develop a global supply strategy that balances risk, cost and keeps you competitive,” says Cser. “It’s always easier to have a partner working with you who understands your business needs and has your back.”

We’re your custom shipping resource. Solutions to our customers’ most challenging issues are derived from decades of success in global logistics.