At ICAT Logistics Detroit, we’ve been planning ahead for big changes in the logistics and global supply industry this year. We anticipate new technology that adds transparency to order fulfillment; a need for further integration between customers and their suppliers; an increase in multi-channel commerce; and more complex delivery systems with tighter delivery deadlines.

No matter where you sit in the supply chain, future success depends on your ability to satisfy every customer every time by anticipating change and preparing for it.

Ask yourself:

  • Have we systematically embraced the changing technology that is driving our customers’ businesses and ours?
  • Can we handle the increased frequency of multi-channel orders — up nearly 50 percent in the last year?
  • Are we flexible enough to adapt to the changes our customers are making in their businesses?
  • How are we going to cope with the rising cost of raw materials and keep our prices competitive?

For each of us, the biggest challenges ahead are going to be caused by the growing complexity of managing orders from start to finish. With further globalization and increased competition, no matter how our customers’ procedures or expectations change, we cannot afford to break delivery or fulfillment promises.

Here are a few recommendations to help you keep pace with the volatility of business.

  • Use technology tools that improve the systems you already have in place. Starting from scratch by replacing a legacy system will be expensive and disrupt your business and your ability to serve customers until the new system is installed, tested and integrated with theirs. Stay flexible by adapting to the changing marketplace and your customers’ changing needs.
  • Form strong partnerships with your customers and listen closely to the challenges they face. Only then can you anticipate what they will require of you.
  • Depend on the professionals at ICAT Logistics Detroit to support you. ICAT Logistics Detroit has created strategic alliances and partnerships around the world, which helps us serve more than 30,000 airports globally. Our partnerships are built on years of collaboration and trust to ensure that we deliver your cargo – and our promises.

We’re your custom shipping resource. Solutions to our customers’ most challenging issues are derived from decades of success in global logistics.