We’ve learned over the years that we gain more insight and serve you better if we get out from behind our desks and talk to our partners face to face, even if they are a long plane ride away.

Three of us recently traveled to Hong Kong, Shezhen and Guangzhou, China. During four days of meetings, we shared ideas with logistics representatives from 70 different countries, discussing global trends in our industry and sharing best practices.

From there we spent most of a week meeting with current clients and their suppliers, building relationships and trust along the way.

International travel is enlightening. In a matter of hours we visited three cities whose combined population exceeded 600 million and what we saw is much different from how things used to be. We saw a more vibrant and modern culture. But more important we heard directly and in a personal way how our business and yours are having an impact in this ever-expanding Asian business environment.

As China becomes a driving force in global economics, we will all face new challenges and opportunities. For us, that means continuing to improve the service we provide our clients.

At ICAT Logistics Detroit, we know that relationships matter and they flourish when we stay in touch — out from behind our desks and facing our partners, suppliers and customers in their work environments.

So, where to next?

India’s on the short list. Our partners there tell us most U.S.-based businesses avoid the trip because they say it is too far and can be difficult.

But that is where we see your business and ours growing, and that is where we know we need to be.

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