When we recently recommended to a client that we disassemble their heavy equipment before shipping it overseas, there was a long silence at the other end of the phone. That is, until we explained why it was a good idea.

It may not always seem practical but disassembling at one end of a shipment and reassembling at the other can change insurance coverage and documentation requirements, lower costs and speed up delivery without jeopardizing the integrity of the freight. It can also enhance protection of the shipment by allowing protective packaging of sensitive components.

At ICAT Logistics Detroit, we have found that it’s better to dismantle oversized, bulky and sensitive machinery and repack it before international shipping for several reasons:

  • Import duty may decrease or be waived because your equipment could be declared “parts” rather than “fully assembled”
  • Insurance costs may decrease
  • Containerization may lower shipping costs
  • Shipments will be more timely because of the accessibility of container ships

If your equipment is “out of gauge” and won’t fit in a standard container, flat racks are sometimes an option, but getting those to an international destination can be challenging because many fewer ships handle flat rack shipments.  Container ships are more predictable.

If disassembly seems right for your shipment, we’ll work with you to safely and properly dismantle your assets, pack and crate them.  We will ship them in a secure and timely way so they arrive in time for your production schedule. And we’ll help you to manage that critical final step: Safe reassembly for seamless integration into your production process.

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