More than ever, ICAT Logistics Detroit’s manufacturing clients are finding value in our just-in-time shipping services. By having precisely the right inventory needed to meet production schedules, companies reduce warehousing – giving them better control over the cost and delivery of goods to their customers.

At ICAT Logistics Detroit, we have the industry knowledge, experience and expertise to handle high-value just-in-time shipments that are critical to your business. For example, when automotive companies require freight services outside the normal logistics chain, they count on us to deliver specialized parts or prototypes as they need them.

ICAT Logistics offers customized handling capabilities for domestic and international freight shipping and delivery including just-in-time deliveries of oversized cargoes, hazardous cargoes, and shipments requiring special packaging.

“The closer our clients get to a consistent just-in-time delivery cycle, the more responsive they can be to scheduling and budgeting for their customers,” said Dan Cser, ICAT Logistics Detroit agency owner. “In the long run, just-in-time delivery helps make the supply chain more efficient and allows our manufacturing partners to make the best use of their production space and avoid keeping too much expensive inventory on hand.”

Warehousing is never eliminated, Cser said. For certain parts or materials that are difficult to get, warehousing extras may make good sense.

“We also believe it is wise to have a contingency plan in place in case a natural disaster, a strike, or other unanticipated event stands to interrupt the just-in-time delivery cycle,” Cser said.

“We don’t take anything for granted. We work with our clients to ensure that they have the parts and materials they need when they need them. If there is a potential problem brewing that threatens just-in-time delivery, we are ready to expedite service from other suppliers, if need be.”

A just-in-time supply chain works best when the production and sourcing teams work hand-in-hand with their logistics and freight delivery partners, he said.

“At ICAT Logistics Detroit, we feel proud to know that we have helped our partners meet their customers’ highest expectations. The extra effort of a just-in-time delivery system invariably results in measureable cost and production improvements. From my vantage point, that makes our work all the more worthwhile.”

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