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A Natural Disaster, a Friend in Need and a Logistics Solution

A Natural Disaster, a Friend in Need and a Logistics Solution It’s good to have a friend in the logistics business.   That’s the word from Chris Bennett, a Michigan businessman who last year was stranded with his family when Hurricane Irma ripped through their St. Thomas home in the U.S. Virgin Islands.   The ferocious storm packed wind speeds exceeding 180 miles per hour, destroying houses and knocking down trees, power lines and cell phone towers. Irma left St. Thomas without electricity and without an operating airport.   In Michigan, news reports of the hurricane immediately concerned Chris Cser, a friend of the Bennett family for 15 years and Director of Operations for ICAT Logistics DTW. Unable to reach Bennett by phone, Cser shot him a text.   The gist of the message: “How are you and what can I do to help get your family to safety?”   While awaiting a response, Cser reached out to contacts in the U.S. and throughout the Caribbean to determine how to access the ravaged island. Instinctively, Cser sensed that his experience as…

As Air Cargo Takes Flight, Happy Landings are Challenging

As Air Cargo Takes Flight, Happy Landings are Challenging It’s not surprising to people in the logistics business that the air cargo industry is expected to grow a robust six percent a year through 2019. The continuing expansion of the world’s air cargo industry – fueled by e-commerce, international trade and remote out-sourcing for manufacturers – creates headlines every week. There’s a new $11 billion air cargo facility under construction in Istanbul, Turkey. There’s also a new cargo terminal being built at the airport in Mumbai, India. A new air cargo service will link Belgium to Angola, where an oil industry needs equipment. And the Australian airline Qantas is launching an air cargo service linking Australia and China to Texas. While the impressive expansion of international air freight capability creates opportunity to ship more goods by air, it also creates a challenge as demand for cargo space rises: How do shippers with special challenges – remote destinations, oversized machinery, fragile equipment -- get their freight…

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