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A Natural Disaster, a Friend in Need and a Logistics Solution

A Natural Disaster, a Friend in Need and a Logistics Solution It’s good to have a friend in the logistics business.   That’s the word from Chris Bennett, a Michigan businessman who last year was stranded with his family when Hurricane Irma ripped through their St. Thomas home in the U.S. Virgin Islands.   The ferocious storm packed wind speeds exceeding 180 miles per hour, destroying houses and knocking down trees, power lines and cell phone towers. Irma left St. Thomas without electricity and without an operating airport.   In Michigan, news reports of the hurricane immediately concerned Chris Cser, a friend of the Bennett family for 15 years and Director of Operations for ICAT Logistics DTW. Unable to reach Bennett by phone, Cser shot him a text.   The gist of the message: “How are you and what can I do to help get your family to safety?”   While awaiting a response, Cser reached out to contacts in the U.S. and throughout the Caribbean to determine how to access the ravaged island. Instinctively, Cser sensed that his experience as…

Control Supply Chain Costs by Asking the Right Questions

Control Supply Chain Costs by Asking the Right Questions When the going gets tough in the supply chain, the tough cut costs.   But, where to begin? Purchasing, warehousing, sourcing, production, customer fulfillment, logistics, shipping, packaging, transportation — there are so many targets to choose from.  Yet, by demeaning any one of them in a rash budget slash you may risk hurting your bottom line rather than improving it.  Each link in the chain is essential and important. Instead of taking a slash and burn approach, a strategy of continuous improvement may prove more beneficial, because every link in the supply chain can be influenced by making even the smallest adjustment in the cost or the time it takes to complete a task. No matter how many times you’ve done a task, shipped a piece of heavy freight or used a supplier, it pays to hold onto the belief that there just may be a better way to get the job done. Ask yourself:  Are my suppliers getting their raw materials from the best source?  If you wonder, ask them. Are my warehousing…

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