For our Sales Superstars, the Sky is the Limit

Many companies have a system in place that limits what the sales team can make because they do not want a sales person to earn more than a higher-ranking Sales Manager, Sales Director or Vice President.

At ICAT Logistics DTW, we threw that model out the window and put a plan in place where the sky is the limit.  It is up to the sales person to determine what they earn. If you are a sales superstar and want to be paid accordingly, then give us a call.  We don’t mind paying great salespeople serious money because that means they’re doing their job in terms of serving our customers.

Here’s what we think the best sales people do:

Get to the top: The best sales people reach for the top of their prospective clients’ organizations rather than work their way up. Some remarkably-effective salespeople take the harder route, working their way up. Others go high and go low, using a pincer approach of working top-down and bottom-up at the same time. Regardless of the approach, the best of the best know how to get to the top of the executive chain. For big sales, the support of the senior-most decision maker who makes the ultimate decisions selecting vendors and partners will be necessary.

Speak the language of senior executives: "You get sent to whom you sound like" is a truism for most people in sales. The objectives of a senior decision-maker and a frontline user may be aligned at a high level but the actual work is usually experienced and measured very differently. The best salespeople speak in all of the languages of the buying group members, but most importantly, they can address the most senior executive with confidence and relevance.

Translate: Complexity is the enemy of speed in the sales process. Companies and their subject matter experts are wary of solutions that are overly complex in their description and execution. Sales superstars know this and work well in translating complex issues into simple and relevant explanations to customers. Superstars also do a great job of coaching their own subject matter experts in representing the solution clearly and answering questions with the right level of detail.

Facilitate: Complex sales require a variety of people from your organization and the buyer's company to communicate, document, exchange information and stay on task. Often this is facilitated through meetings, but more often through transactional exchanges. A great salesperson keeps an eye on the details as if he or she were a Project Manager, ensuring progress on all the critical details.

Create: Big sales are rarely large volume purchases of off-the-shelf products or solutions, which are usually subject to a competitive bidding process based on a minimum standard and price. The most rewarding logistics deals typically have unique challenges, such as customized packaging, a tight time frame or an out-of-the-way destination. Great salespeople have the creativity to design a solution that meets the needs of both their own company and the buyer in a way that is sustainable over the term of the contract.

Move on: Superstars are persistent, but they can move on when they realize a deal is just not achievable. Much has been made of the quality of tenacity. It is a great quality to have, but not at the expense of efficiency. A clear ability to determine when it is time to move past a prospect that cannot or will not change from their current provider or approach is sometimes necessary for sales people to achieve all of the goals for the year.

Our philosophy is that sales superstars who possess these characteristics are extremely valuable both to us and to our customers. And they deserved to be compensated for the value they bring.

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